5 Steps on How to Start a Blog In 2017

The internet is full of earning potential and something which remains popular is blogging. Now, blogging is a very simple concept; you write a post and place it online. It can be read by a number of people and your topics can be about anything, from what you’re thinking to political unrest and all sorts! People today are reading blogs than ever before and there is a rise of bloggers too. However, how can you start a blog in today’s tough blogging climate?

You Need To Know What Sells

New bloggers often believe if they’re controversial, it’ll bring the readers and the stardom but that’s not the way to go about starting a blog. You need to understand there are certain things which sell and others which don’t. having a simple topic of say politics or something similar to that can be good but is that going to bring the type of readers you want or just one-off ones? It’s vital to understand in this tough market what is going to sell and what is going to appeal to the people out there. You don’t have to look at the big picture because you’re really starting from the bottom so you right now want a group of loyal and returning customers. That means you have to research your topic well enough to know if it’s going to appeal to the right type of people or just a small group of people.

Select and Research Your Niche

When you have an idea as to what sells, it’s time to choose a niche. You have an endless array of options here so it may be best to stick with what you know. For instance, if you love games and want to run a blog on gaming, that is probably the ideal solution for you. However, starting with a niche you have limited experience with can be a little tougher as you have a slight disadvantage over bloggers with experience in this field. It’s something worth considering nonetheless.

Scope the Competition

Bloggers are coming thick and fast online and everywhere you turn, there are going to be bloggers popping up. That can mean things are far trickier to begin with as it’s hard to get recognized quickly. However, once you’ve selected a niche you can get an idea of what you’re up against. If you’ve chosen a niche that is grossly overloaded with bloggers, it’s going to be worth considering if this is the niche suitable for the moment. Remember, there are going to be dozens of others you’re up against and it’s going to be difficult. If you’re truly stuck on your niche then you must scope the competition; find out what makes them so popular. Get to know their blogs, their tones and styles so that you can understand how they attract the reader. Don’t copy them, be unique.

Create a Simple-To-Use Blog

Next, you have to create the actual blog. There are plenty of web building tools online. You can choose a professional to handle this part if you so wish or can handle it yourself. Creating a website isn’t actually that difficult as long as you make it easy to navigate and use. Once you start putting your blog posts up, you also need to ensure no clashes with background color schemes and the writing on the blog posts either. Simple things such as this can go a long way in the blogging world.

Get the Word Out and Market Wisely

Marketing is really an after-thought for many new bloggers but it shouldn’t be. This is a vital part in starting a blog because if you don’t get the word out, you don’t have a blog to speak of. You need to ensure people know about your blog so that as soon as it goes live, people are drawn to it. It’s wise to market it via SEO, link building and all the other simple marketing tools that attract the readers. Ensure you also concentrate on high-quality content as it again will bring in the readers.

Hard Work Goes a Long Way

Creating a blog from nothing in today’s climate is going to be extremely tough. You have a vast array of competition out there and not just from those similar to your chosen topics. Every blogger is fighting for viewers and it’s going to take a lot of time, effort and energy; it might even take some money to help attract the viewers. Remember, it isn’t just about getting a first-time reader to view the blog but to give them a reason to return time and again. It’s going to be hard work but anything is possible today.

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