Tips To Sleep Training Your Kids

Kids seem to never run out of energy. They play, eat, play, study, play, and eat some more. Sometimes it can be overwhelming especially if your kids get to sneak in another piece of chocolate and cookie before bedtime or rest time. They would not stop playing and wouldn’t feel tired at all even if they are. This would lead to a tiresome day the next day, not only for your kid but for you as well. With that in mid, we have compiled for you some tips to shape healthy bedtime and rest in your kids.

For kids who are 3 years old and younger, make an official time of sleeping hour. When you decide on the time, 9 pm for example, make sure to be firm at this. Make sure that your children are prepared for bed before 9 pm and leave before the time comes. What if they cry? That is one of the most frequently asked questions by parents all over the world. Do you come at once and cuddle them? Child experts say that to effectively reinforce discipline in sleeping patterns, gradually and slowly pace yourself in coming to your children when they cry.The first time that you hear them cry, check in on them after 5 minutes. The second time, come after 15 minutes. The third time, come in after 30 minutes. This gradual pattern would eventually resolve his sleeping issues and would make him think that crying and calling for you would not always work to his advantage.

Second great advice is to never give in to your children’s cuteness. A lot of parents are actually guilty of this. They seem to give in to their kids whenever they ask for something. When they want a cookie, parents give it. When they want another piece of chocolate, parent give it. Try to be firm and say no. Giving them that extra dose of sugar would just boost their active hormones which would make it harder for you to get them to rest or sleep. If they ask for snacks, there are actually foods you can give them that can help them sleep. A glass of milk and a piece of banana would likely make them sleepy. Just avoid giving them foods that are sweet and have high sugar content.

One of the best ways of making your children go rest or sleep is to make them look forward to it. Children tend to associate resting or sleeping with the term boring which is why they hate this time. To remedy that, make it a perfect time for you to bond with things that would not only be fun for your kids but would also make them sleepier. One good way is by reading them their favorite bedtime stories. You can try playing a game or simply talking to them about interesting topics. This would not only make them look forward to go to bed but would make them look forward to bonding with you as well.

These are just some of the tips that you should consider to shape a healthy bedtime/rest for your kids. Making sure that they get enough rest is essential to their well-being, especially with their growth development, so make sure to do your best. Follow these tips and watch them grow taller and closer to you as well.